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As the owner of Meilifluous Calligraphy, Meilita found calligraphy and illustrations to be a meaningful space where she can express her creativity and beauty in the simplest of things.

Started her journey in 2015, Meilita passionately continues her calligraphy journey throughout the years. Meilifluous is a calligraphy and design boutique that specializes in wedding stationeries. Aside from that, Meilifluous also offers day-of details, stationery for personal and commercial use, logo/branding services, photoshoots, etc.

The goal for each project is that Meilifluous can craft bespoke details that are timeless, rich and elegant, a reflection of heirloom stationeries.

Currently based in Surabaya, Indonesia, we also serve clients across the globe wherein our stationeries have reached Europe, Australia, and mostly the United States.


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